Monday 5 October 2015

Derby Folk Festival

This weekend saw my first solo event as an artist displaying and selling my artwork, cards and prints at Derby Folk Festivals Arts and Craft Fair. The weeks leading up to the Folk Festival had been nerve wracking to say the least, filled with lots of preparation and fear of the unknown.

The three day event was an exciting, colourful celebration of individuality and self expression, by countless musicians, artists and crafters. I was visited by many wonderful people throughout the weekend, excited by the event, the music and the atmosphere. A huge thank you to all the people who took the time to visit my stall, for your kind, encouraging words and for your purchases. You all made the weekend a great one!

Major thanks to my friends and family for all their support leading up to the event, to my Partner for making everything from POS to frames and being there beside me all weekend and to everyone that visited me over the weekend! Without all of you this wouldn't have been possible.

Many thanks! I hope to see you all an another event soon!