Sunday 26 May 2013

Gothic Grandeur

Deciding to utilize a Bank Holiday we planned a peaceful day out at Bolsover Castle, to explore and soak up some history. However, upon arrival we were greeted by the sight of a Medieval encampment, hoards of armour clad warriors, and hundreds of spectators. So a relaxing walk around the castle grounds was slightly more hectic than originally planned!

The architecture of the Castle is incredibly eclectic, and largely ruinous. Various parts of the castle reflect its colourful past and differing uses throughout history. Beginning life in the 12th century as a  genuine battlement, it later became a 'stately home castle', as is so often the case, meaning the additional mixture of classical, baroque and Norman architecture could wrongly fool one into thinking Bolsover Castle is all style and no substance.
My favourite part of Bolsover was the Little Castle. The small building, designed to emulate a Norman keep in appearance, was infact a lavish house. Now part in decay, part restored, there is an eerie charm about the place with its many maze like rooms, nothing more than an empty shell hinting at former grandeur.

And yours truly ready for battle!