About the artist ...

Danse Macabre Designs is the brainchild, creative outlet and obsession of English artist Alice Durose.

Initially, Danse Macabre came into the world as an idea, developing quietly within my brain, and eventually with much encouragement and nurture, it became far too loud to ignore, and so grew into what exists today.

I have been drawing since I was old enough to pick up a tacky wax crayon, and have been practicing and honing my skills and techniques ever since.
As a child, my mind was opened by Alien and Terminator, and before I knew it HR Giger had crawled inside. And many, many wonderful artists followed.

Throughout my life a healthy diet of good Literature, incredible art and more than a little cheese has left me constantly creatively inspired, something for which I am eternally grateful.

I operate out of my cosy studio in the Midlands, surrounded by countless books, a collection of cheese boxes and shelves of old Horror movies. When Im not creating artwork, I have been known to bury my head in a book and go missing for days, eat copious amounts of Marmite and travel Europe listening to Heavy Metal.

Memento Vivere.

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