Tuesday 21 July 2020

Time Enough for the Earth in the Grave ...

'Back unto the land from whence we came. Bones burrowed deep by decay. And in creep the beetles and creatures of this land. Forever companions in your grave. As you slip from this world, and fade from memory. The cycle is complete, and nature triumphs.' - Danse Macabre.

'Time Enough for the Earth in the Grave' is probably one of the most detailed artworks I have ever attempted. The concept was inspired by the quote from one of my favourite films; Conan the Barbarian. This idea arose through wondering what we can expect from our own time in the grave. From our own decay what life will thrive and spring? What will we give back to the earth in our final stage in the cycle of life?

The imagery draws on the idea of the forest floor and humanity finally reintegrating with nature. There are lots of details in the piece and tiny symbolic elements which are only truly appreciated seen in the flesh!

Taking a slightly different approach from my favoured technique I combined pencil and watercolour to create the piece. This allowed a more delicate approach than my usual pen base, but was also much more fragile and delicate, meaning I had to take special care to protect the bottom layer while I worked on the piece.

I must admit that no matter how time consuming and what a labour of love this artwork has been I have enjoyed it immensely. And I'm very happy with the final outcome of the piece.

Limited edition prints are available on the Etsy Store now!