Wednesday 10 October 2012

Marseillan Church

The quiet, sleepy village of Marseillan is certainly brimming with that infectious Southern French charm. Beautiful food, stunning views, warm weather and charming little streets that probably didn't look much different a hundred years ago, whats not to adore?

Marseillan's hidden surprise was its large Saint Jean-Baptiste church dominating the centre of the village. The vast, grey buildings exterior is rather unassuming, so when greeted by an extravagantly grand interior, I was surprised to say the least!
The lofty vaulted ceilings, beautiful stained glass and exquisite stonework were simply breath taking.
Saints, alters and many exotic plants filled the church, which on both scale and grandeur felt more like a cathedral than the Church of a small village.

The church's bell which tolls day and night every thirty minutes (and relentlessly twice a day for mass) is not only a reminder of how traditional religion still has a firm place in this part of the world, but also makes one far more conscious of the passage of time than usual, as you are always acutely aware of the time (whether you want to be or not).