Thursday 8 March 2018

'The Witches Craft'

My brand new series 'The Witches Craft' celebrates the tools used by witches and warlocks to carry out their ancient practices and rituals. Steeped in history and tradition these devices are an essential part of modern and ancient witchcraft, each with its own unique symbolism and purpose entwined deep within British Folklore.

British Witchcraft is something which I have a deep rooted interest in and feel is an essential, and often ignored, part of British History and identity. Through this series I have aimed to touch on just some of the iconic images of our Folklore, featuring essential tools, symbols and poisonous plants all connecting to the occult and both modern and ancient witchcraft.

Each piece in the series is now available as a limited edition A4 print. To purchase a set or individual prints please click here.