Tuesday 8 August 2017

Danse Macabre Tarot Card Deck Release

The Danse Macabre deck is finally available for purchase!
The Tarot cards feature my 22 Major Arcana designs, in which each artwork was specifically conceived and created for the Danse Macabre deck.
The deck was inspired by the complex meanings and symbolism of Tarot, but also by occultism, nature, history, art symbolism and my own brand of weird wackyness.
Creating these artworks was a mammoth undertaking across 2016/17. This deck is the culmination of over 160 hours of work drawing and painting, plus countless hours of conceptual work, sketching, and finally scanning and photoshop.

The Tarot deck is now available from my Etsy store, priced at £19.50 (plus shipping):

Click here to check out my Major Arcana!

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