Sunday 2 July 2017

Demonology Reworking ...

A couple of years ago I began work on my own Demonology. To indulge in a little change and experimentation I decided to complete the works in pigment liner on white paper, a departure from my usual mixed media (or biro) on coffee stained paper. Once the pieces were complete I felt something was a little lacking and I hadn't quite achieved what I wanted. The designs themselves I was happy with, just not the end result. The pieces went into a drawer and remained an unitched scratch ... Until now.

After completing my Tarot series I began tying up some lose ends and began to consider which artworks and ideas Id like to revisit before my next mammoth series began. One thing I had always wanted to rework and do justice was my Demonology, and the time felt right.

I began reworking my Demons alongside researching symbolism for my next big series in an effort to balance research and practical work. I decided to approach the series from an illuminated manuscript angle, using rich, decadent colours, gilding and hoping the end result wouldn't look out of place in a medieval religious text. I'm currently striving to improve on my original designs in any way possible and make my new Demonology series a triumph to be proud of ...

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