Thursday 19 January 2017

Musee Fabre: Montpellier Art Gallery

I didn't quite know what to expect from Musee Fabre. Its vast exterior, pale stone face and grand entrance gave away very little about what lay within. The gallery was a vast complex of rooms with a huge breadth of artwork from many different countries, movements and throughout history. The gallery was full of exquisite examples of portraits, landscapes and still life's. One particular subject I always enjoy observing in fine detail when I visit a gallery is Religious art.
Montpellier gallery certainly has religious art in abundance. The range of different pieces on display is vast, covering a variety of different religious scenes and figures, many different styles and periods in history. Many of the pieces are very emotive and powerful, depicting demons and angels, saints and sinners.

One of my particular obsessions with ancient religious art, which was first sparked when I visited the Louvre, is the fine detailed gilding and patterning on the halos, robes and often backgrounds of religious portraits. This attention to detail never fails to fascinate me, a brilliant example of it can be seen on the Virgin Mary and child Christ image below.

Montpellier art gallery was a surprising gem, with helpful, humorous staff, many, many masterpieces and something to satisfy whatever your particular art penchant is. I would definitely recommend a visit to Musee Fabre if you are in the vicinity, there's certainly plenty of culture and beauty to behold.

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