Friday 20 May 2016

The Unholy Trinity

My latest artwork series 'The Unholy Trinity' is finally complete. The series has been a long running project over a number of months based around photographs I took of a rescued Great Grey Owl, courtesy of Kilton Raptor Rescue.

Spending tome with the captivatingly beautiful Great Grey Owl formed the basis for a series of characters I developed based around the different perspectives and 'faces' of the owl. Each character in the series has its own unique personality and a different part to play in the great story that is life. All of the characters within 'The Unholy Trinity' carry different supernatural powers and play their own role in the balance of the universre, be it the power of prophecy and predection, the third eye and the gift of the second sight or the blessing off boundless wisdom. The true message of 'The Unholy Trinity' is; Follow your future, live your dreams, play the part, you were born to be. 

'The Unholy Trinity' are now available to purchase as cards from my Etsy store at:

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