Sunday 11 May 2014

Sanctus Strix

I am currently working on a project which,for the time being, I have given the temporary title 'Sanctus Strix'. The theme of the series is one which is a great love of mine and a recurring subject matter within my artwork; Owls. Owls are something which I have fondly been studying for years, but with this series I intend to return to a concept which I began to develop during my university Degree collection, and build upon its imagery; Sanctus Strix, The Holy Owl.

The concept of the collection is a multi-layered one, with various messages to be interpreted by the viewer. I am incorporating my beloved halo imagery within the series, as a visual representation of both the divine and the damned. As ever the series is intended to be packed with symbolism, intentionally adding a sinister twist to each owl and giving them their own little personality. These symbolic features differ from bird to bird, but each has an underlying concept, again indulging in my love of giving animals intelligent, humanistic traits, in this case almost supernatural.

This series is intended to be an unabashed return to fine art. A highly detailed, delicately layered fantastical imagining. These undiluted pieces will undoubtedly be a labour of love, hopefully a successful one!

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  1. that's no coincidence that u post it on sunday 11/5 11:33 nor lilith and her hair shaped-horns and the sphere in the back
    its called synchronicity if u doesnt intended those