Tuesday 13 May 2014

HR Giger: The Zeitgeist of the 20th Century

Today, my studio is filled with sadness as I mourn the passing of my hero, my inspiration and the greatest contemporary artist in the world; Hans Rudolf Giger.

I have managed to collect my thoughts, and compose myself enough to write a little about the artist who has changed  my life and inspired me more than I can say.

What Hans Ruedi Giger meant to me ...

Giger, to me, has felt ever present throughout my life. Having been exposed to his creations and imaginings from birth, this mysterious man has always been present in my life in some way. As my life has progressed, Giger and his fantastical images have only become more important to me and more involved in my life.

Around 10 years ago my interest and strange curiosity in Giger turned into a passion. As I began to buy his books, read his thoughts and study his images in more depth, I also began to fall in love with Giger's work. Throughout my early years as a developing artist Giger was a huge influence, and a relentless inspiration. For me, Gigers artwork set a president for what could be achieved with imagination, skill and time.

During my years at college I grasped every available opportunity to study Giger, write about his work, and incorporate him into my projects. I didn't mind that everyone thought I was slightly bizarre (they weren't far wrong!), I desperately wanted to spread the word of Giger and share my love of his talent with everyone I could!
 Around 6 years ago, during a study I was conducting on Giger, I contacted Les Baranay for advice on visiting the museum and seeing Gigers work. I received a very pleasant reply, and Les was kind enough to put me in touch with some wonderful people, who felt very passionately about Giger's work.
Unfortunately as a young student I was unable to afford the costs of traveling to the Museum, however, Les had put me in touch with a friend of Gigers in the UK, whom was kind enough to invite me to his home to see his collection,  and very generously gave me a Poster signed by the great man himself, acts of kindness for which I am eternally grateful.

The trip which has been in the making for over 6 years, to Gruyeres, Chur and Zurich, had finally been planned to happen this summer. After the recent events, this trip could easily be tinged with a bitter-sweet sense of tragedy, however, I hope I will undertake this trip with a sense of joy and celebration at the wonderful artwork which was given to us by Hans Rudolf Giger, through which he will live on forever.

In my studio sits a portrait of Giger I drew a number of years ago. I see this everyday, and it is a constant reminder of Giger, his work, all that he has achieved, and all that can be achieved. It inspires and encourages me, every single day, and will continue to do so. For a number of years years I have been planning a Giger tattoo, and during the last 6 months I have drawn 4 different versions of the tattoo. I have completed a fifth design, with this portrait which is so important to me incorporated, as a true homage to my hero.

Giger has remained a constant inspiration, throughout my life. He has made me strive to new limits, to push forth towards his benchmark of perfection, to allow my creativity to take control and not feel restricted by conformity. Giger has, eventually, made me feel confident enough to draw what I really want to; what I feel and what I love, rather than what I think I should, and what society expects. He has changed my life in a way he will never know, and his legacy; his work, will continue to enrich my life, and the life of millions, forever.

Thank you, Hans Ruedi Giger.

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