Tuesday 8 April 2014

Studio progress: Bunch of Fives

The new 'Bunch of Fives' project is moving forward at great speed. I'm really pleased with how everything's coming together. Its been a very rewarding challenge to work in a different style to that which I'm accustomed to.

Many of the designs which I am currently working on have been developed from sketches in my 'Ideas book'. The 'Ideas Book' is a bible like book which I carry absolutely everywhere and is thoroughly jam packed with anything my head conjures up. This unholy relic has a vast backlog of work which needs realization, some of which is being developed now.

The idea factory has been working overtime of late (both day and night at times) so expect lots of weird and wacky things. I really cant remember a time when I felt more creative or was having more ideas, which is a truly wonderful thing, I just need considerably more hours in the day!

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