Tuesday 15 April 2014

Bunch of Fives

The artwork for the 'Bunch of Fives' collection is finally complete, and has just been submitted to the printers. So as I wait with a mixture of eager anticipation and horrific nervousness to receive the cards, the time feels right to reveal all that Ive been working on, and the concept behind the collection.

The 'Bunch of Fives' collection is designed to be an exciting, different approach to expression and greeting cards. Each design is inspired by Traditional Tattoos and incorporates traditional imagery, as well as age old symbolism. Every card expresses a different sentiment, which is intended to be very personal, but versatile.

The initial idea for creating the collection came from the feeling that this art form and style rarely receives the attention it deserves, and that alternative people have no access to creative, different greetings cards which truly express what they think and feel, or which reflect their art, culture or personality. My aim in creating the collection was to design a range of cards which did exactly this, in a fun, honest way.

I feel really pleased with the finished designs, and the support Ive received has been absolutely phenomenal. Thank you all!

Below are the eight designs which I chose to send to the printers:

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