Friday 10 November 2017

'Maleficia and Magic'

I'm pleased to unleash a brand new series of artworks entitled 'Maleficia and Magic'. The series is inspired by the magic and mystery which is woven within our society. Witchcraft and folklore have a prominent place in our history and are intertwined with our customs and traditions. This series celebrates the roots of British witchcraft and the ancient religions of our world and magnificent magic deep and darkly seated in this green and pleasant land.

Each piece is inspired by a different magical artifact or practice and the history or mythos surrounding it. I wrote a short poem for each artwork, which runs around the border of each piece, detailing the sinister nature of that particular artifact, its creation and its potential use. Medieval manuscripts were one of the largest visual influences on the series, leading me to combine the illustration of the magical tool with intricate, detailed borders, text and additional illustrations to expand upon the artifact.

The series is now available to purchase as limited edition prints. Prints are available to purchase singularly or as a set of 4 from the Etsy store. Click here to check them out now!

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