Saturday 15 November 2014

Re-Animated Romance

A while ago a client contacted me inquiring about creating an extra special card for her friends Hayley and Gaz's wedding day. After a little discussion with the client and getting to know the couples interests and personalities (vintage horror enthusiasts like myself, so that's always a bonus!), this idea was born; The Bride of Frankenstein (with a feline twist).

The piece (Biro on 220gsm cartridge paper) is based on the iconic image from the silver screen, which sees Frankenstien's Monster and his Bride meet for the first time. However in this twisted version, the Bride does not reject the Monsters affections, they are living quite happy together in the laboratory with their three cats, a Gothic fairytale.

The concept came from the idea of two people being 'made' for each other, which I wanted to use to symbolize Hayley and Gaz's union, and the cats are drawn from their own pet cats. By combining these elements, and classic horror cinema, I aimed to create a card which reflected, and celebrated Hayley and Gaz, and their uniqueness as much as possible.

Today the couple tied the knot, so I can unveil this macabre celebration of love at last! Congratulations Hayley and Gaz, may you have many years of wedded bliss!

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